High Quality of Work
Great Communication
Having Fun

Do you often feel that you need a senior partner but cannot fully justify the appointment?

A small business owner often requires someone that can act in a senior capacity and can be confided in. It is important that such an individual is not just a member of staff or a contractor, but someone that acts as a business partner would. Reliability, support and confidentiality are crucial issues in such a relationship.

Do you need someone who is razor sharp and consistently delivers high quality work?

We ensure that we consistently deliver darn good work and give every client our very best. This means that we don’t take on more clients than we can handle, and we don’t accept projects when we’re not entirely convinced that we can make a truly significant difference.

We are always available

We believe that communication is the key to our success. We encourage our clients to commit for a year and participate in face-to-face weekly meetings (or even more regularly) with the business owner or senior management.

This means that we share the responsibility for progress and obstacles, and if something goes well or badly on a project, we can provide immediate feedback. This also gives us an opportunity to continuously assess our performance and ensure that the client remains satisfied.

Is business continuity an issue for you?

Many small businesses are completely reliant on the owners and in the event of an unforeseen calamity - such as their experiencing health problems, whether in the short or long term - the business can potentially suffer serious damage. It makes perfect sense to have the support of someone that you can trust, who understands your values and modus operandi, and will look after your interests and staff when you cannot.

We take a lot of pride in being flexible and effective

We strive to TRULY help our clients. To become successful, we believe that we must be aware of the true value we bring to our clients.

Of course we design websites, create software, manage and train staff, manage projects and write articles and so on, but our true measure is found in how much our clients really benefit from all this.

We love working in an enjoyable environment, but always keep the bigger picture in mind.


PRH Services has a level 4 B-BBEE classification which means that for every R1 spent with PRH Services, an equal amount will be recognised as your companies’ B-BBEE spend. …… read more

Business Plan

We draft and review your business plan on a regular basis to ensure that you are always sharply focused on your goals.


Let us assist in formulating your mission and value statements and ensure growth and brand building. A good strategy touches every member of staff every day and ensures a synchronised effort in meeting your objectives.

Project Management

The project manager is often viewed as a balancing mechanism who is responsible for time, cost and quality. PRH Services will manage the process on your behalf and ensure the best results with an experienced team.

Staff Training

Evaluating and increasing the skills of your staff are paramount to ensure that your organisation continues on a sustained growth path and constantly out-performs your competition. PRH Services will continuously evaluate, recommend and, when necessary, implement effective training to ensure your success

Management Coaching

Top managers are usually quite capable enough of understanding their own limitations and are mostly eager to overcome personal stumbling blocks. As we always keep in mind that managers are high achievers, we have proven ourselves to be very effective at designing personal coaching programmes, implementing change and monitoring the results in order to optimise effective management.


Understanding an organisation’s mission and values does not guarantee that all management, staff and systems are necessarily working in a synchronised manner. PRH Services are seen as independent by staff and management and thus we are more likely to resolve productivity log jams than line managers with vested interests.

Social Development and Environmental Policies

These are issues that, albeit very important, are often neglected and don’t receive their due attention. We can take ownership in developing policies and action plans that will blend in with your organisation’s overall vision.